Emil Avdaliani

Non-resident Fellow

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Emil Avdaliani holds a master's degree from the University of Oxford and PhD degree from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU). His doctorate thesis focuses on Byzantine and Sassanian military strategy in late antiquity. Dr Avdaliani currently teaches history and international relations at TSU and Ilia State University. He has published a number of books including his latest "Georgia and Silk Roads (VI-XIII cc.)" and participated in several research projects.

Dr Avdaliani specializes on modern political and military issues in the South Caucasus and wider Eurasia with a particular focus on Iran, Turkey, China and generally Middle East regional matters, its major actors' strategic culture and geopolitical aspirations.

Dr Avdaliani has worked for different international consulting companies a regional analyst covering Russia and its neighbours. He regularly publishes works at CEPA,,, Georgia Today etc.

He speaks and writes in English, French, Russian, Farsi and Kurmanji.

Grand Strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Part I

17 Sept 2020
Geography matters   To understand modern Iran, its geopolitical aspirations in the Middle East and the South Caucasus and Central Asia, geography is of crucial importance. More than in the case of any other large Middle Eastern state, modern Iran’s geography is a de...
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Analysis: Azerbaijan-Russia Ties Face Increasing Challenges

22 Sept 2020
Russia-Azerbaijan ties face increased challenges as Baku accused Moscow of purposefully stoking the conflict by providing arms to Armenia. It is notable that this rhetoric develops when Turkey is particularly vocal in its military support for Azerbaijan. Though it still...
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The Nobels in Georgia: Oil, Pipelines & Geopolitics. Part I

23 Sept 2020
In 19th century Georgia, the development of economic relations, based on the principles of capitalism, brought many foreign entrepreneurs and investor companies to the country. The following story is a perfect example of this process and concerns such giants of the fina...
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A Chill in Georgia-China Relations

3 Nov 2020
China has disappointed Georgian leaders who hoped they could balance between superpowers.   A sense of growing disenchantment is starting to dominate China-Georgia relations. Given China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Georgia’s geographical importanc...
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The Next US Administration And Georgia

7 Nov 2020
Under the next US administration, the general approach to the South Caucasus and Georgia in particular will see little change, as US strategic interests in the region prevail over some of the the past years’ foreign policy inconsistencies and the growing disparity betwe...
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Turkey’s Re-Emergence in the Caucasus after 100 years

13 Dec 2020
As the second Karabakh War ended, it is time to reflect on Russian aims in the South Caucasus. Thought by many as a victory for Moscow in its being able to station its peacekeepers, and in the truncated Karabakh, an alternative view might be presented.   First are t...
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