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Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – We need to move forward to Europe with unity
Author: 9 Mar 2023
The history of Georgia has always been full of challenges and threats. Nevertheless, the brave Georgian people have never feared the enemy and have always supported their friends. We are a free and dignified society, a society that fought against the Soviet and Russian...
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At the Crossroads of Choices: When Too Much Is Confusing and Too Little Is Restricting (Part 1)
Author: 25 Feb 2023
It has been said many times in recent years that the old order is finally a thing of the past, but a new one, alternative and truly effective, has yet to be established. Today, we also know (although some will probably argue with us) that the old system is not only disa...
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Dr. Khatuna Burkadze - Ukraine will win through the support of the U.S. and other Western allies
Author: 24 Feb 2023
- On February 14-15, NATO defense ministers met in Brussels to discuss deterring Russia, strengthening NATO defense and supporting Ukraine. There was also the ninth meeting in Ramstein format. How would you assess the outcomes of the NATO Defense Ministerial and the Ram...
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Armenia Tries to Diversify Its Foreign Policy Away From Russia
Author: 14 Feb 2023
On January 23, the European Union announced it would be sending a civilian mission to Armenia for a two-year term to document tensions on the border with Azerbaijan (Consilium.Europa.eu, January 23; see EDM, February 8). The EU’s recent decision follows earlier attempts...
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Giving Up Ultimatums: How Ukraine and Georgia Can Overcome a Systemic Crisis
Author: 14 Feb 2023
Earlier, "European Pravda" published a number of texts about Ukrainian-Georgian relations, including the critical assessments of the current Georgian government.   The interview with Andrei Kasyanov, Charge d'Affaires of Ukraine in Georgia, had the greatest reso...
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Challenges to the Liberal Order
Author: 4 Feb 2023
The liberal international order is experiencing fundamental challenges. It has witnessed numerous crises since the end of the World War II. The Nazi and Communist movements were both mortal enemies; liberalism triumphed, leading it to its expansion across the globe afte...
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Iran Embassy Killing Shakes Region
Author: 31 Jan 2023
Early on the morning of January 27, a man armed with an automatic rifle entered Azerbaijan’s embassy in Tehran, killed the head of security, and wounded two other guards.     There the accounts began to diverge. Azerbaijan said the event was a terrorist attack, whil...
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Germany, the EU, and the South Caucasus
Author: 26 Jan 2023
Over the course of 2022, Germany turned from being an ardent opponent to EU expansion to becoming its enabler. Reasons vary, but the war in Ukraine and the resulting changes in connectivity, availability of energy resources and diminishing economic contacts with Russia,...
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International Survey & Analysis of Laws and Regulations Addressing Internet Addiction and/or Problematic Usage of the Internet
Author: 24 Jan 2023
World Journal of Public Health has published the research article - International Survey & Analysis of Laws and Regulations Addressing Internet Addiction and/or Problematic Usage of the Internet - co-authored by Zviad Kirtava, MD, PhD, Director of Healthcare studies at...
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