Victor Kipiani, Chairman of Geocase, Continues Dialogues with Center for Eurasian Studies (AVİM, Türkiye)

Victor Kipiani, Chairman of Geocase, recently engaged in another productive online meeting with the Center for Eurasian Studies (AVİM, Türkiye), as per the agreement reached during their previous encounter. AVIM maintains active operational connections with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye. 

The meeting served as a platform for in-depth discussions on various critical topics concerning Georgia, Türkiye, and the wider Eurasian region.

Among the focal points of the discussion was Georgia's EU candidacy status, with participants exploring the prospects it presents and the necessary tasks to be completed to advance the process. Insights were shared on the current developments within Georgia, particularly in light of the recent changes in the Georgian government.

Additionally, the meeting addressed Türkiye's upcoming municipal elections, offering an opportunity to analyze the political landscape and potential implications of these elections. Furthermore, discussions examined Türkiye's foreign policy orientations, particularly in connection with the region and its relationship with the European Union.

Victor Kipiani expressed his satisfaction with the fruitful exchange of perspectives and emphasized the importance of ongoing dialogues in fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between Georgia, Türkiye, and the broader Eurasian region.