An open letter by Geocase think tank regarding post-election parliamentary developments

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The country is currently experiencing a very difficult situation with regard to the pandemic. Amidst the Global Crisis, regardless of different positions, it is vitally important that we deal with the numerous current challenges that we face and consolidate our efforts, but today’s polarized political environment prevents this in practice. As of now, achieving this aim requires the constructive involvement of every political actor in finding a joint and truly effective solution.

Given the pandemic and regional threats, the best tool for solving Georgia’s current internal political dilemma is negotiation and sensible compromise. It is also important that compromises achieved through negotiations reflect the legitimate interest of every party.

All this would contribute to the effective joint management of the pandemic in a stable environment, which is the country’s most vital interest, and would also mark the beginning of a new stage of Georgia’s democratic consolidation by using parliamentary mechanisms. This approach serves the Georgian voter’s long-term interests, and complies with our international partners’ expectations.

Making changes through the Parliament would undoubtedly support the further successful development of Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration, and would create a stable and value-based foundation for the country’s future. Reality demands that we rise above personal and political ambitions, and that we first of all let ourselves be guided by the country’s national interests. This would be the most correct, pragmatic and justified path to follow, and it is only by following this very path that we will, as a nation, become stronger, more united and more self-sustainable in the face of our current challenges.