Dr. Khatuna Burkadze - It is essential to accelerate Georgia's membership in NATO through the strong support of the US and other members of the Alliance

Interpressnews discussed strategic co-operation between Georgia and the United States with Dr. Prof. Khatuna Burkadze, a fellow researcher at Geocase, an alumna of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and the Harvard Program on Negotiations.

Dr. Khatuna Burkadze underlined: ‘In the very turbulent time in the region, the visit of the US Secretary of State has illustrated that the US strongly supports Georgia. Strategic partnership with the US will assist Georgia to overcome existing challenges.’ ‘Overall, the US Secretary of State's visit is a clear signal to the Russian Federation that Georgia represents a strategic partner for the US in the region. Multi-dimensional co-operation with the United States will assist Georgia to achieve its greater goals on its Euro-Atlantic path and enhance our strategic ties,’ - she added. 

Dr. Khatuna Burkadze mentioned: ‘Georgia-U.S. defense and security co-operation highlights. More precisely, the U.S.-Georgia Security Co-operation Framework aims to develop readiness and sustainable capabilities as well as modernization of the Georgian Defense Forces. Over the last six years, the United States has provided close to $100 million in security assistance to Georgia. The main areas of this bilateral military cooperation are Georgia Defense Readiness Program (GDRP), Combat Training Center (CTC) and Resolute Support Mission (RSM). These programmes and activities support the development of Georgia's defensive capabilities. However, because of the changing security environment, we need to strengthen defense and security co-operation with our strategic partner including in the field of cyber defense. Unfortunately, Georgia is a target of cyberattacks in the cyber era. Nowadays, ensuring secure cyberspace is one of the key priorities of national security policies. In light of the foregoing considerations, it is essential to develop new initiatives for enhancing defense and security capabilities. One of the new initiatives could be the establishment of joint the US-Georgia Center to counter hybrid threats. Also, the expansion of joint-exercises and continuation of the development of appropriate infrastructure will enhance our security in the region and increase abilities to overcome challenges effectively.’

Dr. Khatuna Burkadze emphasized that Georgia has bipartisan support. 


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