Victor Kipiani, the Chairman of Geocase, delivers a lecture within 'The South Caucasus in a Wider Black Sea Regional Security Context Course'

The Geocase Chairman Victor Kipiani was invited to deliver a lecture during the international course entitled “The South Caucasus in a Wider Black Sea Regional Security Context” coordinated and organized by Defence Institution Building School (DIBS).

The aim of the course was to discuss the topics related to the South Caucasus and the wider Black Sea region security topics including balance of power in the region, conflicts, role and importance of internal and external actors in the geopolitical context, NATO and EU strategic objectives, hybrid threats, energy, and economic security as well as issues of the identity, culture, and religion of the countries.

The course was led by leading Georgian and international experts in the field and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

During his presentation, Victor Kipiani reviewed the aftermath of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and discussed its impact in light of the regional context.

It was the second time that the course was conducted. The course was attended by the defense and security sectors representatives of Georgia, France, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, and Bulgaria.