Geocase Hosts the Participants of the Transatlantic Security Initiative (TSI) by International Republican Institute (IRI)

On December 15, 2021, Geocase hosted the participants of the International Republican Institute (IRI) program - the Transatlantic Security Initiative (TSI).  The Geocase chairman Victor Kipiani, and the non-resident fellow Nikoloz Khatiashvili met with the guests.

The Transatlantic Security Initiative (TSI) is an annual program that brings together top policymakers, government and military officials, business leaders, and senior experts from Europe and North America to share insights and develop innovative approaches to the key challenges facing NATO and the transatlantic community.

The TSI participants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania will gain first-hand experience with ongoing critical threats facing the Alliance through study visits to the occupation line near Tskhinvali region.

During the meeting at the Geocase offices, Mr Kipiani introduced the organization to the guests and briefly familiarized them with the mission and objectives of Geocase. Throughout the meeting, Georgia’s various pressing issues were reviewed. In the end, Mr Victor Kipiani and Mr Nikoloz Khatiashvili answered the questions by the TSI participants.

Drawing on their experiences at the study visits and workshops, participants will co-author a white paper for publication. The white paper will be distributed and presented in each participants’ respective parliaments and countries.