Geocase publishes Annual Report 2021

2021 turned out to be a quite fruitful year for Geocase. The second annual report was published by the think tank. The report comprises of articles and interviews on Georgia’s domestic and foreign policies as well as on pressing international topics such as the coronavirus pandemic, its impact in terms of shifting balances of power between international actors and future trends of the post-pandemic international system.


‘We have the honor to introduce the second annual report of Geocase. As a think-tank, Geocase supports the formulation and development of policies based upon the rule of law, human rights, balanced government, a free and responsible market economy that will strengthen Georgia’s regional and international roles, promote the country’s national and state interests, and maintain the general public informed about ongoing domestic and external developments’- noted Mr Victor Kipiani, Chairman of Geocase.  


Geocase provides the Georgian authorities with analytical support to enable its informed decision-making that effectively facilitates the country's Euro-Atlantic and European ambitions, ensures its stable institutional development and promotes further its political and economic reforms. Policy papers and other materials prepared by Geocase are based upon careful and realistic situational analyses and offer decision-makers rational, tangible and result-oriented solutions to some of the challenges they may face.


See the Geocase 2021 Report