Nikoloz Khatiashvili, Foreign Policy Research Fellow at Geocase, assesses the visit of the Congressional delegation in Georgia

Foreign Policy Research Fellow of the Analytical Center “Geocase” evaluates the visit of the Congressional delegation in Georgia.


As he mentions, in the light of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the current geopolitical challenges, the visit of US lawmakers has a special significance and clearly demonstrates the important role of Georgia in US foreign and security policy.


The United States meets and tries to reduce all the challenges facing Ukraine and Europe as a whole. These challenges come from the Russian Federation, which is not accepting the existence of democratic and free states with European values ​​and institutions ​​in its neighborhood and is trying to prevent this process by attacking these free and sovereign states. That is why the international support of such countries, including Georgia, is vital. The United States considers Georgia as its strategic partner, which has the potential to help Europe to reduce its dependence on Russian energy resources and to participate in the development of alternative energy supply routes to Europe, as well as to facilitate the creation of a new transport corridor in order to flow goods from Asia and Middle East to Europe, bypassing Russia” – said Nikoloz Khatiashvili.


Geocase research fellow mentions, that “the dynamics of Georgia's cooperation with the US administration has reached a truly unprecedented level in recent years, especially in the field of defense and security. The United States realizes the important role of Georgia, which lays in promoting stability and security in the region, and I am confident that in the near future we will see even more practical and substantial support to Georgia from our US friends”.