Nikoloz Khatiashvili: "Without Georgia, it will be very difficult for Europe to achieve its strategic goals and strengthen long-term security, including the development of alternative energy supply routes and new transit corridors."

Nikoloz Khatiashvili, Foreign Policy Research Fellow at Geocase, evaluates the visit of the NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia to Georgia – Javier Colomina before the Madrid Summit.


According to him, the visit can be perceived as a message of support for Georgia, which confirms that Georgia is an important partner for the Alliance. In the light of ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine, the issue of strengthening security in the Black Sea region is becoming even more urgent for NATO, in which Georgia has a key role. The ongoing war in Ukraine has created a new geopolitical reality where the need for European security review and new approaches have emerged. NATO enlargement to Eastern flank and Baltics can be considered as an effective solution to these problems. At the Madrid Summit, there will be an opportunity for the members of the Alliance to take the necessary steps in order to implement the decision of the 2008 Bucharest Summit, as Russia can be deterred only through collective efforts and mutual support. All the steps that bring Georgia closer to the Alliance will only contribute to strengthening peace, stability and security in the Black Sea region and in Europe as a whole" -  Nikoloz Khatiashvili said.


According to Mr. Khatiashvili, the recent years have shown that Georgia's NATO integration process has made great progress. It can be boldly said that in practical terms, Georgia is fully compatible with NATO standards and effectively uses all the integration mechanisms.


"Georgia has become a country that can make a significant contribution to Euro-Atlantic security, and that has repeatedly been confirmed by its participation in the international missions. The NATO member states also agree on this. I hope that soon, Georgia will take its deserved place in the Alliance – said Nikoloz Khatiashvili