Amb. David Apstiauri has Conducted an Online Seminar at the Malmö University Invitation

At the invitation of Russia and the Caucasus Regional Research (RUCARR) platform at Malmö University (Sweden), Amb. David Aptsiauri, a Member of the Advisory Board of Geocase, has conducted an online seminar on China’s policy towards the countries of the South Caucasus. 

The topic of the lecture was - Specifics of China’s policy towards the countries of the South Caucasus during a continuing global crisis.

Amb. Aptsiauri’s presentation was based on consideration of the current trends in the development of cooperation between China and countries of the South Caucasus, its influence on the region’s economic growth and security environment, particularly in the context of continuing pandemic crisis and war in Ukraine. The cooperation of the countries of the South Caucasus in the frame of the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative” was an important part of the analysis. 

During the lecture, David Aptsiauri also discussed the role of global and regional players in politics and economics of the South Caucasus. Furthermore, the attendees had the opportunity to receive updated information on the current developments in the region.