Victor Kipiani Meets with the Innovative Training Network “MARKETS” Participants

The Geocase Chairman Victor Kipiani has met with the participants of the EU's Horizon 2020 Fund financed project - Innovative Training Network "MARKETS". 

In the framework of the project, the participants including PhD scholars from leading European universities held meetings and workshops as well as conducted various lectures for the network members in Georgia. 

During the meeting at the Geocase offices, Victor Kipiani provided the project participants with some insights on the current developments in Georgia and region-wide in light of political, economic and security domains.  

The meeting was finalized by the Q&A session during which Victor Kipiani answered the questions from the Innovative Training Network participants.

Innovative Training Network "MARKETS" studies the influence of both formal and informal factors that impact foreign investment in the former Soviet republics and develops sustainable training programmes for future analysts, providing them with an essential practical understanding of the region.