Nikoloz Khatiashvili has participated in the round-table discussions on European security held in Poland

In the framework of the Warsaw Security Forum Democracy Network, Nikoloz Khatiashvili, a foreign policy researcher and international secretary at Geocase, participated in round-table discussions on the current war in Ukraine and the future architecture of European security held in Rzeszów, Poland.

The members and experts of the Democratic Network discussed the mechanisms for deterrence of Russia, the challenges facing Europe, the role of Eastern European countries in strengthening European security and the importance of the Black Sea security. Special attention was paid to strengthening cooperation between the Eastern European countries and the Black Sea region. In this context, the conversation touched on the formation of potential alliances and the creation of new mechanisms, which, on the one hand, will contain threats coming from Russia, and on the other hand, will give countries like Georgia new security capacities. During his presentation, Nikoloz Khatiashvili talked about the challenges facing Georgia, the problematic situation in the territories occupied by Russia, the importance of Georgia’s integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures and Georgia's role in the Black Sea security. 

“Today, we are in a new geopolitical reality that requires more effort and resources to make our future security more reinforced and predictable. For this purpose, first of all, more international cooperation is needed as well as the development of new mechanisms which will solve existing threats more effectively and neutralize new ones before they occur. In this process, the Black Sea region has a significant role as a new center of gravity. In the coming years it will be vitally important to increase our strategic partners’ involvement in this region,” - said Nikoloz Khatiashvili.

Within the frames of the visit, Nikoloz Khatiashvili met with Konrad Fijołek, the mayor of Rzeszów, Pawel Kowal, the member of the Polish Sejm, the experts and representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora in Poland. 

The Warsaw Security Forum Democracy Network was founded in 2022. Its main objectives are to strengthen democracy in Eastern European countries, carry out reforms, increase the involvement of international organizations in the participating countries and develop new approaches to the security challenges they face, and mobilize the international community's attention. The project is implemented by the Warsaw Security Forum, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy (USA).