Nikoloz Khatiashvili held meetings in Ukraine

Nikoloz Khatiashvili, a foreign policy researcher and international secretary at Geocase, visited Ukraine in the framework of the Warsaw Security Forum.

During the visit, representatives of the Democratic Network and the Ukrainian experts held a joint discussion on the consequences of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the region's future security. Special attention was paid to the possible scenarios of the war ending in Ukraine and the need for new international security mechanisms, especially for those countries which are not protected by the international security umbrella.

Within the framework of the visit, Nikoloz Khatiashvili and the network members visited the Officers’ House located at the Lychakiv Cemetery and paid respect to the graves of the Ukrainian hero soldiers who died in the war against Russia.

"I am glad the opportunity to visit Ukraine with my colleagues. We held very interesting meetings with experts, military personnel and activists who play an important role in protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. They acquainted us with the current political and military situation in Ukraine and shared their visions regarding the end of the war. Ukrainians expressed great gratitude to Georgia, both for providing humanitarian aid, as well as for assisting Ukrainian refugees in Georgia and for diplomatic and political support in international formats. I think that in the case of continued support from the West and an increased supply of military weapons, Ukraine will be able to achieve more tangible results and success in fighting for the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. In this context, it should be emphasized that an arrest warrant for the Russian President issued by the Hague Court will be one of the significant levers for Ukraine in the international arena," noted Nikoloz Khatiashvili.