Victor Kipiani has met with the Casimir Pulaski Foundation representatives

The Geocase chairman, Victor Kipiani has met with the representatives of the leading Polish think tank, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects of cooperation between Geocase and the Casimir Pulaski Foundation as well as the opportunity for Geocase’s participation in the Warsaw Security Forum.

The meeting participants also talked about the current developments in the region and the priorities of Georgia's foreign policy.

Victor Kipiani appealed to the foundation's representatives with a request that advocating Georgia’s EU candidate status be active and well placed in the organization’s agenda.

"We, Georgians, see and are very grateful for Poland's unwavering support to Georgia. I believe that establishing and fostering cooperation between our think tanks will also facilitate the further strengthening of the existing close relations between the two friendly nations," noted Victor Kipiani.