Geocase To Hold a Meeting With the Former Deputy Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, Lieutenant-General (R), Dr Florian Coldea

Geocase, within the framework of the GEO Intel Project, is organizing a meeting with the former Deputy Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, Lieutenant-General (R) Dr Florian Coldea.

Students of the Geocase training course – “Foreign Policy and Security”, the analysts of Geocase and the partner organization - Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC), will attend the event.

The meeting will be held in an interactive format and moderated by Victor Kipiani, the chairman of Geocase.

During the discussions, a special focus will be given to the issues of efficient cooperation in the intelligence domain between the Black Sea region countries to facilitate peace and security in the region.

Dr Florian Coldea had held the position of the Deputy Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service for twelve years. He ran all operations for Romania`s most significant domestic intelligence agency. He has acquired extensive tactical and strategic expertise in the fields of counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, economic and trans-border crime. Currently, Dr Florian Coldea uses his expertise to support the development of a solid security culture and formation of new generations of intelligence officers, as a senior lecturer of the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy in Bucharest, as well as an associate professor for some of the most prestigious civil and military universities in Romania.