General Major Vakhtang Kapanadze spoke at the Defence24 Day Conference held in Poland

General Major Vakhtang Kapanadze, former Chief of General Staff of Georgia, the Director of Defense and Security at Geocase was invited to speak at the Defence24 Day Conference held in Warsaw, Poland on May 24-25, 2023.

As part of the highly anticipated program, General Major Vakhtang Kapanadze joined a distinguished panel to speak and discuss "The Battle of the Black Sea: The Key to Stabilizing the Region." Leveraging his extensive expertise in defence and security matters, Mr Kapanadze shared valuable insights on the significant role the Black Sea region plays in establishing global stability and security.

Defence24 Day is the largest conference in Central and Eastern Europe devoted to defence and security issues. This is the leading event for the defence sector and industries related to the security of citizens, enterprises and public administration. This year Defence24Day Conference was devoted to the situation related to the war in Ukraine. 

Discussions on security in the region, the involvement of experts and the international community, and the participation of representatives of Ukraine guarantee a fruitful and substantive discussion on the current and future situation.