Victor Kipiani has participated in the meeting with Speakers of Czech, Austrian and Slovak Parliaments

In the framework of the Slavkov Trilateral platform (Austria, Slovakia, Czechia) Ambassadors’ visit to Tbilisi, Victor Kipiani, Chairman of Geocase was invited to participate in the meeting with the speakers of Czech, Austrian and Slovak Parliaments - Mrs Markéta Adamová Pekarová, Mr Wolfgang Sobotka, Mr Boris Kollár. 

At the meeting, the parties discussed the current developments in Georgia, progress in EU integration and the situation established in the region. The importance of the friendly nations’ unwavering support to Georgia was especially stressed. It was also underlined that the visit itself yet again served as a clear manifestation of Austria’s, Slovakia’s, and the Czech Republic’s steady support of Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. 

Victor Kipiani spoke about regional security and geopolitical conjuncture, and their impact on the perspective of granting Georgia the EU membership candidate status. He also touched on the aspects of Georgia’s economic self-sufficiency and specifics. Mr Kipiani noted that the decision on the status is obviously crucial for Georgia, however, it is also important for the European Union, which can further strengthen its role and function in the created geopolitical reality. 

"In light of Georgia’s geographical and economic environment, it is essential that in order to reduce and eliminate the economic dependence on Russia, the European Union develops various programs and approaches to make the Georgian economy more self-sufficient and independent," stated Victor Kipiani.