Nikoloz Khatiashvili has become a member of the Generation Democracy network of the International Republican Institute (IRI)

Nikoloz Khatiashvili, a foreign policy research fellow and international secretary of Geocase, has become a member of the International Republican Institute's (IRI) Generation Democracy (GenDem) network. The Generation Democracy network is the flagship youth network of IRI with 280 members connecting young leaders from 80 countries who work in areas such as democracy, youth involvement in decision-making, regional development, and youth empowerment.

The network's main goal is to raise awareness of the civic and political activities of young people through a solid digital and social media presence and to create a network of like-minded organizations represented by members. The network also supports its members by sharing practical professional development, funding, and leadership opportunities that are widely and easily accessible to all members. Network members connect as peer mentors locally, regionally, and transnationally to share experiences, best practices, and lessons learned.