Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – A New National Security Strategy of the U.S. supports Georgia’s European aspirations


Director of Foreign Policy Studies at Geocase, Dr. Khatuna Burkadze assessed a New National Security Strategy of the U.S. and paid attention to Georgia-the U.S. strategic relations. 

“The United States will continue to support the European aspirations of Georgia and its commitment to important institutional reforms. Finalizing a common agenda on reforms is essential to transform key fields based on European standards and strengthen democratic institutions. We need to reach a consensus on ways and means of institutional changes. We should understand that reforms represent a precondition for accelerating Georgia’s European integration. The multidimensional aid of the United States will assist Georgia in becoming a democratic and European state. The role of the United States as a strategic partner is also significant to convince some member states of the EU to include Georgia in the European enlargement package”, - noted Dr. Khatuna Burkadze. 

“According to the National Security Strategy of the U.S., Russia’s brutal and unprovoked war on its neighbor Ukraine has shattered peace in Europe, and its nuclear threat endangers the global non-proliferation regime”, - underlined Dr. Khatuna Burkadze. 

“The National Security Strategy pays special attention to protecting democratic values. The United States will continue to defend democracy around the world. The U.S. will partner with any nation that shares the basic belief that the rules-based order must remain the foundation for global peace and security”, - added Dr. Khatuna Burkadze.