The Tragedy of the Black Sea
Author: 5 Apr 2021
  ''There are plenty of fish in the sea!''- a statement we wouldn't expect to ever lose its meaning. Yet, as the global demand for seafood grows rapidly with an increasing population, many commercial fish stocks are already in serious decline, thr...
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Victor Kipiani, the Chair of Geocase, analyzed the current political processes in Georgia on the TV Imedi talk show "The Hope Factor”
Author: 21 Jan 2021
“A certain part of our political class is still in the age of political adolescence, and is reluctant to end this age” – said Victor Kipiani.  During the discussion, the Chairman of Geocase emphasized the current political standards and political culture. “The cou...
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About Tomorrow – Remembering Yesterday While Bearing in Mind the Present Day
Author: 7 Jan 2021
The past year of 2020 was not just another year. Its dramatic nature showed us once again – and quite severely – the full intensity of the challenges that could arise when several large-scale crises occur at once. In fact, in parallel with the distortion of the internat...
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COVID-19 and Women Migrant Workers - Challenges and Perspectives
Author: 6 Jan 2021
Abstract: States’ actions during the pandemic have caused extensive unintended consequences and aggravated living and safety conditions of certain vulnerable groups of people. Women migrant workers are one of the casualties of unsystematic and inconsistent restrictive m...
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Is the EU Heading Towards Another Lost Generation?
Author: 6 Jan 2021
A decade ago, in the midst of the global financial crisis, youth unemployment rates in EU Member States increased dramatically, deeply affecting the financial and mental state of European youth. There are similarities between the effects of the current pandemic and the...
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The Reality We Live In: Thoughts at the Year End
Author: 25 Dec 2020
Much has been said about this newly emerging wave of global instability and disorder. There are many reasons, factors, and analyses given on a regular and routine basis. Clearly, there is a proper set of orderly reflections on what has happened in regards to global stab...
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Russia’s New Model for the Annexation of Abkhazia
Author: 10 Dec 2020
What did the Russian Federation and the de facto Sukhumi regime agree on? In the previous article, we talked about rather “energetic” political events that we were presented with at the end of 2020. We touched upon topics such as the US elections, ongoing developme...
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An Overview of Georgia’s 2020 Parliamentary Elections – Part 2
Author: 12 Oct 2020
The 2020 constitutional amendment that established the new, mixed electoral system has had a positive impact on the agenda of political parties, the electoral environment and general political dynamics in Georgia. The matrix of pre-election activities has somewhat shift...
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Before the second wave
Author: 12 Sept 2020
Coronavirus cases have been on the rise in the world since August. Summer has brought new peaks in all our neighboring countries and last week, a serious increase of cases started in Georgia as well. Although the opening of borders did not lead to a significant increase...
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