International Relations

The Next US Administration And Georgia
Author: 6 Nov 2020
Under the next US administration, the general approach to the South Caucasus and Georgia in particular will see little change, as US strategic interests in the region prevail over some of the the past years’ foreign policy inconsistencies and the growing disparity betwe...
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A Chill in Georgia-China Relations
Author: 3 Nov 2020
China has disappointed Georgian leaders who hoped they could balance between superpowers.   A sense of growing disenchantment is starting to dominate China-Georgia relations. Given China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Georgia’s geographical importanc...
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The Three Seas Initiative: An All-important Project for Georgia and the Region
Author: 2 Nov 2020
The formation of our new world differs in complexity, notably according to a number of pandemic and post-pandemic factors that encourage the transformation of old “centres of power” and the emergence of new ones.   An unavoidable result of this process is the multip...
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Khatuna Burkadze – Georgia Deserves More on Its Way of NATO and EU Integration
13 Oct 2020
Dr. Khatuna Burkadze, a research fellow at Geocase underlines that the Black Sea security gains more relevance for the cooperation between Georgia and NATO. The high-level meetings at the NATO Headquarters indicate Georgia’s strategic importance in the region. ‘This...
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Peace in the South Caucasus as the only common and uniting goal
Author: 5 Oct 2020
The South Caucasus, one of the world’s most historically and culturally diverse regions, is once again at the centre of world attention—this time as the result of the most recent outbreak of fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorno Kar...
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The Nobels in Georgia: Oil, Pipelines & Geopolitics. Part I
Author: 23 Sept 2020
In 19th century Georgia, the development of economic relations, based on the principles of capitalism, brought many foreign entrepreneurs and investor companies to the country. The following story is a perfect example of this process and concerns such giants of the fina...
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Analysis: Azerbaijan-Russia Ties Face Increasing Challenges
Author: 22 Sept 2020
Russia-Azerbaijan ties face increased challenges as Baku accused Moscow of purposefully stoking the conflict by providing arms to Armenia. It is notable that this rhetoric develops when Turkey is particularly vocal in its military support for Azerbaijan. Though it still...
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Grand Strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Part I
Author: 18 Sept 2020
Geography matters   To understand modern Iran, its geopolitical aspirations in the Middle East and the South Caucasus and Central Asia, geography is of crucial importance. More than in the case of any other large Middle Eastern state, modern Iran’s geography is a de...
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Interview on the U.S.- Georgia Strategic Partnership with Dr. Khatuna Burkadze, a Research Fellow at Geocase
26 Aug 2020
Dr. Khatuna Burkadze discussed the strategic partnership between the United States and Georgia.    Dr. Khatuna Burkadze underlined: ‘As a strategic partner, the United States steadily supports Georgia.’ She highlighted that in the global crisis, the US support for G...
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